Earplugs Blox Music L.E.

Earplugs Blox Music L.E.


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Life sounds better with Music.
Protect your ears with the TML x Blox Earplugs. Thanks to its acoustic filter, you hear a true and clear sound without being deafened by the high volume produced in clubs, bars and concerts. Manufactured using an organic material used mainly in the medical field, these plugs are extremely comfortable, hypoallergenic and silicone-free. And that’s not all: the plugs are shaped to be very easy to use, thanks to their flexible and discreet tip. The music is not damped entirely but filtered so you can enjoy the atmosphere and still have conversations.

Material info: Organic medical material


Comes in Leather pouch with Tomorrowland Icon embossed for easy carrying

Guarantees clear and true sound.

Fit comfortably into the ear canal

Reusable, washable