Blossom Necklace

Blossom Necklace


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There are only a few plants and flowers that blossom even when covered by a thick carpet of snow, but somehow, they can manage to overcome this frosty obstacle and sprout to become a thing of beauty. The Blossom Necklace is an homage to overcoming obstacles and branches out of the Tomorrowland Icon logo to radiate its beauty onto you. It has 3 small white diamonds that look like snowflakes on the leaves, and a Tomorrowland Icon pendant on the clasp closure completes this tribute to overcoming obstacles and keeping a positive perspective on life.

Material info: Gold plated 18kt Silver necklace with 3 white diamonds


Gold plated Necklace with branch design

Branches with leaves sprout out of the Tomorrowland Icon Logo

Three small white diamonds on the joints

Clasp closure for adjustable fit with Tomorrowland Icon pendant

Circumference/Length: 38cm - 40cm - 42cm curb chain

Part of the Blossom Jewelry Pack

Tomorrowland x Diamanti Per Tutti Collection