Botanic Gold Ring

Botanic Gold Ring


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Embrace the Journey.
Nature is, and will always be, an important element of Tomorrowland, and this vision is carried out in the Botanic Gold Ring. This unique nature inspired ring feels natural, comfy and fragile on your finger, just like nature itself. The gold branch wraps around your finger because it can be bent to assure a perfect fit. Take paradise with you, every single day.

Material info: Sterling Silver 925 with a 18kt gold plating and 1 white diamond


Gold branch clings around your finger

White diamond hidden in the branch

Tomorrowland Icon engraved on inside of the ring

One size fits most

Ring can be bent around your finger for a perfect fit

Matches the Botanic Gold Bracelet, Necklace and Earrings

Tomorrowland x Diamanti Per Tutti Collection