Tomorrowland Postcards & Stamps Set

Tomorrowland Postcards & Stamps Set


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Tomorrowland and Bpost present a unique, limited edition postage stamp kit. This exclusive collector's item contains a sheet of five postage stamps, together with five musical postcards. Anyone who has access to a vinyl record player can play the postcard to hear it, or just hold your smartphone against the card and surf to, where you can also listen to the Symphony of Unity performed by Universal Nation. And the stamps themselves? They’re an authentic and, above all, magical collector’s item.

The postage stamp itself displays the Tomorrowland icon on parchment, with a rosé golden effect and the slogan “Live today, Love tomorrow, Unite forever” is included on the sheet.


Postcard & stamps set

Contents: 5x Musical Postcards, 5x Tomorrowland Stamps in magical envelope

Musical postcards play 'The Symphony of Unity' by Universal Nation on any vinyl record player, or with your smartphone if you visit

Exclusive Collector's Item

IMPORTANT: Stamps can only be used in Belgium, cards can be sent all over the world if you pay the postal