Willow Beads Bracelet

Willow Beads Bracelet


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Rooted in your heart.
The Willow Beads Bracelet is made from coconut beads, which is incredible tough wood. Coconuts are known for their great versatility because they're used in food, cosmetics, charcoal and fashion. It features a sterling silver Tomorrowland icon and tube with Tomorrowland lettering above the cord drawstring, which makes sure this symbol of versatility and resilience never leaves your side. Float with the wind...

Material info: Coconut beads and Sterling Silver

Sizes (Periphery): Medium: 20cm Large: 22cm


One size fits most

Sterling Silver Tomorrowland Icon on both sides of the pendant

Cord drawstring so it never leaves your side with sterling silver tube and Tomorrowland lettering on both sides

Men's Bracelet

Reminds you to keep a positive perspective on life

Handmade bracelet