Explore Flanders together on the brand-new Tomorrowland Gravel bike, including hotel.

Discover the versatility the Tomorrowland x Ridley Gravel Bike has to offer and explore the variety of Flanders’ most legendary cycling routes together in a small group of like minded riders.

Your Tomorrowland experience will start at Ridley in Belgium, where you’ll discover the iconic Belgian Cycling Factory, their state-of-the-art wind-tunnel, the brand-new Velodrome in Zolder and much more.

During the following days you’ll discover the most historic road and gravel routes of Belgium, taking you on a journey through the infamous monuments such as the Wall of Geraardsbergen, the Paterberg or the Koppenberg and the iconic route around Leuven where the best gravel riders of the world will compete in October 2024.


The Tomorrowland x Ridley Cycling Package welcomes cyclists from all levels with at least a minimal basic cycling experience. You will feel straight at home within a small People of Tomorrow group, people with no previous cycling (road, gravel or MTB) experience will most likely feel more at ease at one of the other packages Global Journey has to offer.


  • D0: Arrivals, reveal & briefing
  • D1: New Bike Day! 
  • D2: Flanders Gravel Tour
  • D3: Champions Gravel Tour & Invited BXL
  • D4: Tomorrowland (Comfort) Magical Friday 
  • D5: Tomorrowland (Comfort) Incredible Saturday
  • D6: Tomorrowland (Comfort) Glorious Sunday
  • D7: Ride home with memories


Your Tomorrowland and Ridley hosts will help you check-in and show you around your hotel. You’ll receive your personalized washing bag, just like the pros use as well as your gear and goodies for the trip. During dinner you will be briefed on the rides of the coming days, everyone will get to know each other and the guides. 


New Bike Day!

It’s finally here, new bike day! Before we show you the Invenio bike range that has been three years in the making, you’ll discover how these bikes are made at the Belgian Cycling Factory and Bike Valley, the beating heart of Belgian Cycling. Even though, no one is more united than the People of Tomorrow, each and every one of you is also unique, which is why you will all get a professional bike fit, making sure you and your bike will feel like one. You will also get a unique look into the wind tunnel’s operations, one of you might even get the chance to showcase the Tomorrowland x Ridley Gravel Bike bespoke aerodynamic characteristics inside the tunnel! After that we’ll make this already exclusive day even more unique, you’ll get to test your legs on the Velodrome in Zolder, where you’ll get to experience track cycling in all its glory.

Track Cycling Experience – Zolder:

  • Ridley Track Bikes on the Velodrome
  • 1 lap = 250m, how far can you go?
  • 0m Elevation  


Flanders Gravel Tour

No cycling classic will ever beat the most iconic gravel race of Flanders, and now you’ll get to experience it for yourself. With the Tomorrowland x Ridley Gravel Bike being the best all-round out there, what better course to put its aero capabilities to a test during the Flanders Gravel Tour. Swirl trough the backroads of Flanders’ fields and feel the speed this aero bullet gives you, until you take that turn towards the first of Belgium’s iconic bergs. Here you’ll need, the comfort this bike has built into its core, to conquer those rough cobbles, its unique handling capabilities will take you anywhere you want, from the Paterberg, to the Koppenberg and everything in between, this bike can handle it, but can your legs? 
This being a social ride, your guides will make sure the entire group reaches the top of each checkpoint continuing the journey, exploring Flanders’ monument, together! Along the route we’ll stop at some must-see iconic cycling spots unique to this region, the perfect spot to recharge your batteries. 

Flanders Gravel Tour – Oudenaarde:

  • Selection of the most Iconic parts
  • +/- 80 km
  • +/- 1.000m Elevation


Champions Gravel Tour & Invited BXL

Now that you have experienced Flanders’ track, road and cobble terrain, it’s time to take the bike to its prime terrain, gravel. Luck could not be more on your side, as the best gravel riders of the world will be hosted in Flanders, Leuven. You’ll be amongst the first to ride the course of the upcoming Tour of Champions, with the best possible gear, pushing you forward. Feel the bike’s handling and comfort coming together with the aero tubing, giving you the edge over anyone else on terrain like this. 
Stops will be held in and around Leuven, another growing iconic city for cycling within Flanders, after having hosted the road World Championships in 2021, it’s now time for the gravel scene to takeover in 2024, with you as its pioneer.

Having three amazing days of exploring on and of the bike behind you, it’s time to freshen up at your hotel for the rest of your Tomorrowland journey. Before taking you to the holy grounds the next day where you will dive into the Madness of Life, you will be given the opportunity to unite with the People of Tomorrow at an exclusive Global Journey Tomorrowland Pre-party, presenting Invited Brussels!

Champions Gravel Tour – Leuven:

  • Exploring the new course for the championships in October
  • +/- 60 km
  • +/- 600m Elevation


  • Cycling Hotel Accommodation at each host city (3 nights), breakfast included
  • Wellness Concept Hotel in Brussels during Tomorrowland (4 nights), breakfast included
  • Three unique Belgian Cycling Days with iconic stops & visits, meals included
  • Professional personalized bike-fit
  • Exclusive Wind-Tunnel Showcase
  • Usage of the Tomorrowland x Ridley Gravel Bike (carbon)
  • 30% discount upon purchase of your Tomorrowland x Ridley Gravel Bike (excl. shipping)
  • Pro-rider style personalized Ridley bag including the Tomorrowland x Ridley:
  • Cycling Jersey
  • Bib shorts
  • Cycling cap
  • Drinking bottles
  • Cycling socks
  • Personalized bike plate
  • Transport, during cycling days to each new location, for you, your bike & your belongings, during Tomorrowland between hotel & festival
  • Mechanical, safety & medical assistance
  • Cycling-kit washing service
  • Recovery Massage
  • Tomorrowland Souvenir Bag
  • Invited Brussels: Exclusive Global Journey Pre-party at a unique locations in Brussels (Thursday)
  • Tomorrowland Ticket – Full Madness (Comfort) Pass
  • Friends for life
  • and so much more..