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We are The People of Tomorrow. We Live Today, Love Tomorrow and Unite Forever

The People of Tomorrow are the ambassadors for our belief in a better world. Their positive energy and love inspired Tomorrowland to start working on a commitment to make this world a better place.

Children and youngsters are the future and shape the world of tomorrow. Let’s cherish them and help them to develop themselves as much as possible.

Education is the key to a better future. It is necessary for individual, social and sustainable development. But education is not only about knowledge and being able to read and write. Being able to express yourself creatively is just as important for the personal development of children and youngsters. Music, dance and arts are key in this personal development. The Tomorrowland Foundation helps to achieve this dream.

TML by Tomorrowland donates € 5,- for every sold Official Tomorrowland Flag to this initiative, find out more on Tomorrowland.com/foundation

Thanks to the support of the People of Tomorrow, MOBILE SCHOOL is able to continue and expand their great work around the world:


  • Icon
  • WIND
  • Water
  • Earth
  • Fire

"The Icon" is not just a logo. The butterfly has a positive association and symbolizes freedom and the beauty of nature. But it is also used in many cultures to express the purity of the human soul and its inner child. The crown reminds us that we are one world in which we are equal. The eye inspires us to keep an eye out for each other and see the beauty of life even though our sight is sometimes blurred by all the problems we face every day.



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